3 Ways to Improve Fine Motor Skills with Your Kids This Winter

improve fine motor skills

Are you looking for ways to improve fine motor skills with your kids this winter? I just might have what you’re looking for!

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Why Should We Improve Fine Motor Skills?

Fine motor skills are the skills needed to operate the small muscles in our fingers and hands. They’re what allow us to do basically anything: type, write, get dressed, buckle our kids in… you get the idea.

Being proficient at fine motor skills is a game changer for our kids’ independency. This allows them to dress and feed themselves.

By providing our children with lots of practice using their hand muscles, we’re making them stronger…but also making our lives just a little easier, too!

As our kids gain coordination with their fine motor skills, they are able to basically get ready to go out in the snow with little assistance from us: they can zipper their coats, button any buttons, pull on boots and put on those mittens!

Winter Fine Motor Skills Activities

I’m always looking for new ways to encourage my kids to strengthen their fine motor skills.

That’s why I created these three fun and inviting fine motor activities! They’re great to do inside on a chilly day! The kids love them, and I love the practice they get!

Winter Dot Painting

We love using our Do-A-Dot paint markers any time of the year! They are super fun with these wintery dot marker pages!

winter dot painting

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The kids love the bright colors! I love watching them carefully match up the dot markers with the dots, manipulating the marker to get it to go exactly where they want!

Winter Hole Punch Cards

Using hole punches is such a good workout for little hands! These hole punch cards are highly engaging and practice a bunch of skills!

winter hole punch cards

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Aside from working on fine motor skills, your kids will love practicing their numbers, letters, and patterns with these hole punch cards!

Winter Tracing Practice

These adorable tracing cards are great for cold days indoors! Your kids can practice their tracing on lines with varying levels of difficulty!

winter tracing practice

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You can print them with the fun colored images, or they can have fun coloring in the black and white version!


As you improve fine motor skills with your kids, you are ultimately helping them gain lifelong skills. …Not to mention helping out yourself!

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