9 Tricks to Help Your Fussy 1 Year Old Baby to Calm Down and Feel Loved

fussy 1 year old baby

Do you have a fussy 1 year old baby today?  Is he crying a little extra?  Maybe being a little extra clingy?  

This can be equal parts hard on a mama’s heart as well as frustrating when you need to just get things done!  Read on for nine tricks to help calm down your fussy one year old baby –as well as yourself.

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One Year Olds

So far, I’m on my second one year old.  And of these young years, the year between one and two has been the trickiest.  These babies are learning so much!  

They are learning to walk, talk, and understand the world.  They’re growing like crazy in all the ways.  And sometimes, all that growth is a lot for them!

Unfortunately, it comes out as crying, tantrums, some extra “no’s,” and just turning into velcro.

I’ve developed a list of nine tricks I use when my little one seems to be having a hard day.


9 Tricks to Help Your Fussy 1 Year Old Baby

 1. Take baby’s temperature.  

This isn’t so much a trick as just a precaution.  Of course, consult your doctor with any health concerns.  I always want to make sure I’m not being oblivious to a fever. 

This thermometer has been really helpful in quickly and easily detecting temperatures with a little one year old that is constantly on the move.

2. Give a little extra food.

Sometimes they’re just hungrier than normal!  I’ve found that protein-based foods can help give a little boost of energy and weaken any grumpiness.  Some cheese, peanut butter, or scrambled eggs can often offset a mood.

3. Use a teether.

It feels like teeth are constantly coming in.  Partly because they are.  I always keep teethers in the freezer.  I actually feel like the older my kids get, the more they like them.  Even if it’s not necessarily teeth that’s bothering them, a teether can still help your baby to calm down. 

This teether and this set are our favorites.

4. Give extra hugs.

If your one year old seems to be extra clingy, lean into it.  Something’s up with him, and he doesn’t have the words for it.  He’s being clingy because he wants hugs, so give it!  The dishes really can wait.

5. Give extra attention.

Your baby just needs you a little more today.  I know it can be frustrating when you’re trying to make lunch, and get the newborn from his nap, and the dog has to go out.  

I know because I live it with my cluster babies.

But take a deep breath, and try to shift perspective: this is harder for your baby than it is for you.  

Go and play with your one year old.  Or read some books together.  Whatever you choose to do, set your phone down, and be present.  Give him the attention he’s clearly in need of.

 6. Play music.

This is often a game changer.  If my kids are being fussy, and I can’t stop to give them attention, oftentimes music helps! A lot!  

My go to is Raffi.  I loved him when I was a kid, and he’s not all that annoying to listen to now.  This playlist on Spotify is usually what I put on.  All my kids love it, and it really shifts the mood!

Bathtime can definitely reset the mood of a one year old!  Busy Toddler is famous for her color bath and popsicle bath.  

7. Run a bath.

I’ll pull out some special bath toys like this, this and this on these fussy days. I’ll usually play music during bathtime, too!

 8. Get outside.

Breathing in the fresh air can really do wonders for a fussy one year old– and for the mother of that one year old! 

We are constantly outside, and there’s a lot less fussiness when we are out!  

You can read more here about why we spend so much time outside, and how I logistically do it with three tiny kids.

9. Put baby to sleep early.

If any of my kids are fussy, I can almost always relate it back to sleep.  And sleep always helps. 

If my one year old is a little extra fussy, I’ll put him to nap or bed a little earlier than usual.  He clearly needs it!

Here’s the bedtime routine I use with all of my kids that makes for a quick and easy bedtime.



Hopefully these tricks help to calm down your fussy one year old baby– as well as you!  These can be difficult days, but remember: everything is just a phase!


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fussy 1 year old baby

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