The Best Cheap Baby Monitor with Camera (and 4 Other Sleep Training Essentials)

cheap baby monitor with camera

The best cheap baby monitor with camera is a must have for any home with a baby.  To efficiently sleep train, it is helpful to have particular products for a smoother experience.  

I have compiled a list of sleep training essentials for you…including the BEST cheap baby monitor with camera.

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5 Must Haves for Sleep Training

Sound Machine

I was strongly against using a sound machine when my daughter was born, and I actually did sleep train her without one.  I was worried she would become dependent on it.  

However, our house is very noisy.  I found myself constantly tiptoeing around because I didn’t want to wake her.  

I began using a sound machine as a buffer to give myself peace of mind.  All three of my kids use one, and it’s been great.  

My youngest is the only one I started out with a sound machine from the beginning.  When I turn it on, it’s like a Pavlovian response.  He almost starts falling asleep as I get him changed for bed!

I selected this sound machine because of all the features that are helpful as the kids grow. It has a regular alarm and a colored nightlight. 

There is a “ready to wake” feature that trains toddlers when it’s okay to get out of bed in the morning.

I really love the “nap alarm,” too!  It has truly helped my three year old to continue to nap!

I’ve had one of these in each of my three kids’ rooms for over a year now. It’s helped everyone to sleep better.

Blackout Shades  

The darker, the better.  Again, I didn’t have blackout shades when I sleep trained my oldest. Her naps greatly improved when we began using them, though. 

It really helps the babies to differentiate day from night.  We have black out shades in each of the bedrooms!


I’m a big swaddle fan.  I think they really helped my babies to fall asleep and to stay asleep longer.  

The Love to Dream is my favorite.  You just zip it up and the baby is set for sleep!  Not to mention that they look like an adorable little angel in them.

I also frequently used the SwaddleMe velcro swaddles.  I found that these fit my babies better when they were just born.  In fact, I used them in the hospital with my second and third.  They are so much easier to use that the blanket swaddle.

The SwaddleMe swaddles are also more budget-friendly than the Love to Dream.  When laundry was clean, I went with the Love to Dream, but the SwaddleMe swaddles were a close second!


I like using pacifiers, in general. But I also sometimes despise the binks.  I have a very love/hate relationship with pacifiers.

With my first, I remember nursing in the middle of the night, one particular night.  She had definitely had enough, and I realized she didn’t actually need me.  If I could get her on a pacifier, then I could get back to sleep.  

That’s what I did, and it worked.  

Now the constant game of replacing the bink in the middle of the night is one that I despise during the first couple of months.  But in the end, using a pacifier is such a useful tool, that it’s worth it to me.  …Until it comes time to wean the bink.  But that’s another worry for another day.

I have two favorite types of pacifiers. 

These NUK ones are great, because they’re all one piece.  They really don’t get moldy or anything.  I used it with my oldest, but my second two weren’t having them.

Rather, they loved the MAM 0-6mon pacifier.  I love the glow-in-the-dark ones.  Partly because I’m a 90s kid, and partly because it’s actually helpful for finding them in the dark.

The Best Cheap Baby Monitor with Camera 

Baby monitors are amazing tools for sleep training!  You can see exactly what’s going on, and if an intervention is needed.

You can see if your baby loses a bink and needs it replaced.  It helps to see if your baby is falling asleep and just making sounds or actually needs some help.  I’m so grateful for this technology!

These baby monitors are super affordable, at under $40 a unit. We have them in each of our kids’ rooms.

Rather than having a separate monitor screen, you simply use your phone.  You will just download the free Wansview app.  Once you receive that camera, it walks you through a simple setup, so that it is synced to your smartphone.  

You can view up to four cameras on one screen, or you can view each camera individually.  When you view a camera individually, you can use the console tool to turn the camera, so you can see around the room.  There’s a microphone feature so you can talk through the camera as well.  

Of course, there is sound so you can hear your child.  There’s an option to mute the sound, too.

We’ve been using these cameras in our cluster babies’ bedrooms for over a year now.  We really haven’t had any problem with them.

The simplicity, multiple features, and price point definitely make it the very best cheap baby monitor with camera.


Sleep training is truly a challenging task.  If you have the best products, it can really help during this difficult transition.  It helps take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation.


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