42 Really Easy Baby Halloween Costumes (from a Lazy Mom)

easy baby Halloween costumes

Are you looking for really easy baby Halloween costumes? Are you not in the mood for a DIY project while taking care of your sweet tiny, needy bundle of joy? What a shock!

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I truly believe I used up all of my craftiness in my 20’s. I was all about all the decor at everyone’s bridal showers. I’d scour Pinterest for the cutest crafts and try and recreate them.

But now I have three cluster babies, and I just don’t feel like it!

Maybe you’re like me, and you don’t feel like getting crafty, or maybe you just don’t have the time.

Well, I’ve rounded up the easiest baby Halloween costumes of all time. They are great for car seats and strollers. These are great options for celebrations at daycare. Many of these costumes can also double as pajamas, so you can really get your money’s worth!

Best of all: these costumes takes absolutely no effort!

Traditional Halloween Costumes

Can’t go wrong with the classics!

Animal Costumes

Babies dressed as animals is absolutely my weakness. Give me all the animal costumes, please!

Community Helper Costumes

I mean, how adorable is a baby airline pilot?!

Disney Character Costumes

These absolute classics are always a hit!

Disney Princess Costumes

These princess costumes are very low maintenance! Just a onesie and a headband are all you need! Hold the glass slippers with these!

Marvel & DC Costumes

Because all baby are actually super babies!


There you have it! The top easy baby Halloween costumes! Enjoy throwing that onesie and hat (I mean costume!) on your baby, knowing that they’ll be simply adorable no matter what they wear!

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easy baby Halloween costumes

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