Outdoor Chores: 21 Ways to be Productive (While the Kids are Playing)

outdoor chores to do while the kids play

Do you ever wonder how you’ll get to your outdoor chores?  

The weather is warming up, and we will be spending plenty of time outside!  You can read here about why we really spend as much time outside as we can, and how we do it!

I try not to interfere with my kids’ outside play as much as possible.  As I supervise their play, I use this time to sip on some coffee, feed the baby, and get to some outdoor chores…or turn inside chores to outdoor ones!

With all of the time we spend outside, my young children are mostly self-sufficient outdoors.  This leaves me with a good chunk of time to get some things done, while keeping a close eye on them.  Below, you will find productive things you can do, while your children are at play. 

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21  Outdoor chores to do while your kids play outside

  1. Make your grocery list.  Grab a notepad and a pen, write out your grocery list!
  2. Place your online grocery orders.  Grocery shopping while your kids play outside…sometimes technology really is great!
  3. Fold laundry.  This is my new favorite outside chore!  The patio table is the perfect folding spot!
  4. Workout.  There are a ton of great workout ideas on YouTube that you can do right in your backyard!
  5. Clean vacuum filters.  I use this little vacuum 24/7, so the filter can always use a clean out!
  6. Shake out door mats.  Again, what a mess these can be!  Shake them out back!
  7. Sweep the porch.  What an easy thing to get done while you watch your kids!
  8. Weed gardens.  You can teach your children how to do this, so you have some great little helpers!
  9. Organize outside toys.  I’m forever trying to organize the kids’ toys!
  10. Clean the patio table and chairs.  This is the perfect time to wipe these down as the outdoor season is beginning!
  11. Clean the outside of windows and glass slider doors.  Grab a bucket, add a few drops of dish soap, hot water, some microfiber cloths, and have at it!
  12. Clean screen doors.  All the grooves in the screen door can be cleaned by using an old toothbrush!
  13. Pick up sticks in the yard.  My husband always finds this helpful before he mows the grass!
  14. Cut the kids’ nails.  Like most kids, mine don’t love having their nails cut.  Something about having this done outside makes it a bit less stressful.
  15. Take out recycling.  I always save this chore for when my kids are playing outside.
  16. Take out trash.  Get this checked off your to-do list!
  17. Set out recycling or trash cans for the next day.  Or bring them back in.
  18. Check the mail.  Why wait until another time for this?  You’re already out there!
  19. Load the car with things prior to a trip or outing.  When we head anywhere, there’s always a ton of stuff we take with us.  I love to load the car while the kids are outside playing.
  20. Clean trash out of the car.  Or cheerios. Or goldfish.  We all know there’s some in there!
  21. Wash the car.  Your kids will likely want to get in on this one!


So throw on some music or a good podcast, and try out one or two of these next time you head outside!


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