19 of the Best Outdoor Kids’ Toys for Toddlers (from a Minimalist Mom)

best outdoor kids toys

What are the best outdoor kids’ toys for toddlers? As mothers, we want to supply our kids with the best toys for their development.  

When it comes to kids’ toys, I consistently find that quality is always better than quantity.  One toy my toddler will play with over and over again, deserves more real estate in our home than fifteen toys that occasionally hold two minutes of interest.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to junk up the yard with a bunch of kid stuff.  I only want what my kids actually use and love to be out there.  Whether you like to keep your kids’ toys to a minimum due to space, budget, or just your preference, you are sure to find a few keepers on this list for your tot!

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We are Constantly Outside

I take my cluster babies outside as much as possible.  When the weather cooperates, you can find us out back from after breakfast until naptime, and again until bedtime.  With three tiny ones, I find it to be the best way to manage their energy, curiosity, and development.

You can read here about why we go outside so often, and how I logistically manage it.

With all of this time outside, I have paid a lot of attention to the toys that get a lot of love.  I have quietly removed any that have broken, gotten gross from the weather, or were just not being played with.

I have cultivated the list below of the best outdoor kids’ toys for toddlers.

The Best Outdoor Kids Toys for Toddlers: Big Toys

  1. The classic slide. I can’t tell you how much my 3 year old and 1.5 year old go up and down this thing. They’re obsessed, and we love it.

2.  Our Hide and Seek Climber just goes with our slide! They’re a great match!

3. We have two of these adorable rocking horses. Fun fact: They can double as a chair for lunch!

4. While geared towards the 1 year old, the Push and Ride is a favorite for the 3 year old, too!

5. This dome climber has been a major hit this spring! It was their “big” Christmas gift, but got overshadowed by some torrential rains that day. Anyhow, it has made a true comeback throughout the spring. It’s only slightly taller than my oldest, so it really is made for toddlers. It’s been amazing to see my kids develop their climbing skills and confidence by using this climber.

While they suggest to have two people to assemble it, I did it myself and didn’t think it was too bad. It certainly would have been easier and faster with help, but it’s certainly possible to do it on your own.

6. The Lawn Mower is one of our most loved pieces. Now, you should know, the bubble feature has only worked a hand full of times. Maybe it’s a fluke in ours. But it’s actually besides the point. My kids play with this every day, and I don’t think they even remember that it’s supposed to produce bubbles.

They just want to mow the grass like Dad. And they do. All of the time. It’s adorable, and we’ll probably get another one so the kids can mow together.

7. My landscape-loving kids adore their wheelbarrow. They use it in their dirt pit, and they help pick up sticks in the yard.

8. There’s a corner of our yard that we call the “dirt pit.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. My kids play in it all the time, and love it. If we didn’t have our dirt pit, we would certainly have this beautifully large sandbox.

9. And if we didn’t have room for that, we would have this more compact sandbox. Do yourself a favor and get something like this. Your kids will spend hours playing with it!


The Best Outdoor Kids Toys for Toddlers: Small Toys

10. Of course, balls. The most classic of toys.

11. These are our favorite shovels and rakes. They’re sturdy and easy for little hands to use.

12. These little John Deere trucks have really upped the game in the dirt pit. We actually have a set of these for indoor play, too!

13. These buckets and sand toys are great for the sandbox! I’m also a big fan of the buckets from Target!

The Best Outdoor Kids Toys for Toddlers: Water Play

14. This water table is a go-to on hot days!

15. I like to set up two or three baby pools for the kids to splash in when we do our “pool days!”

16. The splash pad is the newest addition to our water play collection. An instant hit!

The Best Outdoor Kids Toys for Toddlers: Driveway Play

17. This bike is literally made for all three of my kids, ages 3, 1.5, and 0.5. It really gets it’s use!

18. Our oldest has been loving her balance bike!

19. Coloring with chalk in the driveway in the rain is a thing.

Toddler Outdoor Dining Must Haves

So these wouldn’t qualify as the “best outdoor kids toys for toddlers,” because they’re not exactly toys. However, we get use out of them all the time. We regularly eat lunch and dinner outside, so having the right tools for the job, is a must.

The kids will generally eat at one of the tables. This one is kept on the patio with the adult dining set, and this one is in the middle of the yard. However, we sometimes follow the shade, and they sit on the picnic blanket or their adorable little chairs.

Outdoor Must Haves for Mom

A comfy chair is absolutely needed for outside! I find our patio chairs pretty comfy, but I gotta say- this lounger is currently on my wish list. Although, I see it quickly turning into another climber…


So there you have a list of the best outdoor kids toys for toddlers!  Relax and watch your children enjoy!



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best outdoor kids toys

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