59 Non-Toy Christmas Gifts for Toddlers: Beating the Toy Shortage of 2021

Non-toy Christmas gifts for toddlers

Non-toy Christmas gifts for toddlers may be the ticket to winning Christmas this year.  

As if Christmas shopping wasn’t stressful enough for moms, now we get to deal with the Great Toy Shortage of 2021.  Lucky us.

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One way to beat the shortage is to focus on non-toy Christmas gifts for our toddlers.  

Another way to beat the toy shortage is to shop in unconventional toy stores.

You could also try these seven cheer-saving methods to winning Christmas 2021.

I know this might be a little unorthodox, but hear me out.

Toddlers are new to Christmas.  They don’t totally understand that kids typically get toys for Christmas.  

Giving gifts that aren’t toys are likely to still bring excitement!

For example, I was giving a pillow to my daughter for her third birthday.  My husband told me it was a boring gift.  He wasn’t wrong, but I knew what I was doing.  And my daughter really couldn’t have been more excited!

You have to know your kid to know what will work for them.  They use things all day long that could be replaced, spruced up, or could just be new to them!

Some of these non-toy Christmas gifts could be just what you need to win Christmas 2021!

59 Non-Toy Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Gifts for the Bathroom

Look around your bathroom.  Eye up what your child uses.  Are there things that could be replaced like that toothbrush?  Are you thinking about pottytraining and could use a toilet seat?  Would a few extra bath towels be fun or useful?

Here’s a roundup of fun toddler items for the bathroom.

Gifts for Your Toddler’s Room

Take the same approach here.  Go into your toddler’s room and see what could be replaced or what might be needed.  A fun sheet set could be great!  A new lamp or rug could add to the coziness of the room.  

My boys are definitely getting new hampers for their room for Christmas this year.  And guess what.  They’ll probably be excited about it, too!

Gifts for Mealtime

On to the kitchen.  Could you use some new toddler plates?  Maybe some new placemats or waterbottles are needed?

These are things that our kids use every day.  Replacing them or adding to our collection adds novelty…which is what kids love!

Gifts for the Outdoors

You can find my favorite outdoor toys here.

As far as non-toy toddler gifts for the outdoors, think of gear you could use to make being outside easier and more comfortable.

You can read here about why we go outside for long stretches every day, and how we logistically do it.

Rain gear, safety gear and sun gear can keep our kids’ outside experience safer and more comfortable!

Gifts for the Living Room

My kids basically just play in the living room.  But we’re just doing non-toy gifts on this list.

So some comfy things could be great for your toddler.  A cozy blanket or even a lapboard would be great additions!


Thinking outside the box is a must this Christmas season.  Snagging some non-toy Christmas gifts for toddlers will be a game changer!


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Non-toy Christmas gifts for toddlers

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