9 Life-Changing Toddler Mom Gifts: Tools of the Trade that She Needs

toddler mom gifts

Are you wondering what toddler mom gifts the toddler mom in your life needs?  Or maybe you’re looking for things to make this wild job just a little easier?

Either way, I got you.

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We’re always hearing that “being a mom is the hardest job.” Or that “mothers make the world go around.”

And that’s nice to hear. 

But what is more helpful, really, are tools to help us accomplish our job.

What are those particular items that can make this wild life as a toddler mom just a bit easier?

And I don’t mean pampering items. Although I wouldn’t say no to a soothing face mask or a nice bottle of wine.

But I’m talking really about the tools of the trade.  Like what you would ask your employer for once the new budget gets approved.

So send this link on to your husband or partner to get the toddler mom gifts that you need to have!

Cordless Vacuum

This is by far my most favorite product.  I’ve had it for a year and a half, and I easily use this vacuum two to three times a day. 

It still works as well as it did when it was brand new!

This cordless vacuum is powerful, lightweight and very sleek.

I use it all. The. Time. 

It cleans Cheerios off the floor. I vacuum out crumbs from the high chairs. 

I no longer use a dustpan when sweeping. Rather, I just vacuum up the mess! 

I can quickly hit the dog hair on the baseboards and clean out the car with it, too!

Someone spills their Goldfish? No problem.

Baby dumps waffle pieces on the floor? Got you covered. 

I’m telling you: Every mom needs this vacuum in her life.


This adorable set of headbands are magic.

My hair goes from bed head to super cute in no time. 

Don’t have time to do your hair? 

Throw it up in a messy bun with a coordinating headband, and bam! You’re ready to go out in public.

I’ve had my set for almost a year, and they haven’t stretched out at all. And they don’t hurt your head. 

I love that it comes with so many colors. There’s always one that will match your outfit.

The mustard yellow is my personal fave!

Want the hair out of your face while trying to avoid looking like an ogre to your toddler? 

Want to go out in public with minimal effort?

These headbands are the ticket!

Grape Cutter

Who knew this was even a thing?! Smart moms, that’s who.

This speaks to the whole, “work smarter, not harder” vibe.

Quickly cut up grapes and cherry tomatoes using this tool!

I always get so worried about choking, I’m constantly cutting up food.

This cutter saves so much time!  

I love using it for fresh blueberries!

Snack Scissors

I have three tiny cluster babies that constantly need their food cut. And I don’t mind doing it, but it can seem so time consuming.

Especially when those tiny ones are literally waiting on you to deliver the food!

These scissors are such a genius game changer! 

You can quickly cut up the food, and then just stick the scissors in the dishwasher!

This is such a good toddler mom gift!

Wireless Earbuds

You know when you finally get all the kids to bed and you don’t want to make a sound? 

But you also want to finish that podcast?

And you also don’t want your earphone cords to get stuck on everything?

(Or does that only happen to me?)

Wireless earbuds are a must-have for every toddler mom!

Keep the house nice and quiet as the kids settle into sleep, without having to sacrifice your entertainment (aka: sanity)!

Backpack Diaper Bag 

So, big news: I recently switched diaper bags.

I love my original bag, and still use it occasionally. And it’s just so pretty!

We had gotten this backpack diaper bag back when we registered for our first baby. 

Remember everyone telling you the lie that Dad needs his own diaper bag?

Well it turns out that it’s a better fit for having three under four!

Big section is for water bottles, diaper and wipes pouch, sweatshirts and bibs

The outer section is for all the snacks and sandwiches.

I use the thermal section for milk bottles, cheese snacks and yogurt pouches.

The clips are perfect for hanging from the stroller or shopping cart!

I constantly keep it stocked and ready to go, so I can quickly get out the door!

Read here for more tips for getting out the door quickly with a toddler and a baby!

This is certainly my current must-have diaper bag for all toddler moms!

Coffee Maker

Because coffee is a must. 

Props to toddler moms who don’t use caffeine!  (What’s your secret?!)

We realized our ancient Keurig needed replacing when we went on vacation.

Our rental house had this newer model that put out a LARGE cup of coffee!  I mean, twelve whole ounces!

Meanwhile, at home we were getting about seven ounces when we hit the ten ounce button!

This Keurig is certainly a must for a caffeine-loving toddler mom!

(Besides, it’s so pretty!)

Yeti Mug

We can make all the coffee we want…but who wants to drink it cold?  And isn’t that the case 99% of the time with toddlers?

Keep your coffee piping hot with this adorable stainless steel mug! 

This toddler mom gift should certainly be on your list!

Water Bottle 

I don’t know about you, but unless I’m pregnant or nursing, I am awful at drinking enough water. I used to be good at it before kids. Or even with one kid. But now with three tiny ones, my water intake is the last thing on my mind.

Using this water bottle definitely keeps me on top of it. (And I feel SO much better when I’m actually hydrated!)

I’m still not always perfect with it, but I certainly drink more water when I’m using this water bottle!


Toddler mom gifts can really help a toddler mom to get the job done!  Being able to do anything more efficiently is always a winner, and these tools of the trade do just that!


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