10 Fun Things to do in the Rain: End the Rainy Day Boredom

things to do in the rain

You’re all set to have an outdoor day with your toddler, but then you see the rain start.  Not to worry!  There is still plenty to do out in the rain!  Especially for the little ones!

We try to get outside everyday, if we can!  

Of course, be cautious of high winds and storms.  But you can certainly head outside during a rain shower!  Just expect to be changing out clothes, and perhaps a bath afterwards!

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10 Fun Things to do in the Rain

  1. Walk in the rain. Throw on some rain gear and get out there! Go for a nice walk in the rain!  
  2. Jump in puddles.  I mean, you have to, right?
  3. Search for worms.  Kids have such a fascination with these things!  You can count the worms.  You can observe how they move.  If you have a magnifying glass, you can get an even closer look at these wrigglers!
  4. Collect rainwater for play.  With your toddlers, set outside a bunch of containers with their lids off.  Let the containers collect some water.  Then, let your children experiment with pouring and using lids!  
  5. Color with chalk.  The texture and sensation of using chalk is different in the rain!  Let your kids give it a try!

If you are lucky enough to have a covered porch, then I want to share with you just some of the countless things you can do with your children there on a rainy day!

  1. Read books.  Bring out some books about rain, or even just some favorites, and a blanket.  This book is one of our rainy day favorites. Cuddle up and read!
  2. Eat!  Enjoy a snack or some lunch with fresh air while watching the rain fall.
  3. Bring some toys outside.  Grab a picnic blanket to lay down on the porch.  Bring out some blocks or other favorite toys.  It’s amazing how the same old toys gain new life in a different setting!
  4. Watch the cars.  Children are endlessly fascinated with cars. You can sit and count the cars. As the cars go by, you can name the colors of the cars. You can talk about the kinds of cars and trucks you see.  
  5. Coloring.  You’ll need a clipboard or a large hard-covered book to lean on, some paper, and a cup of crayons.  Your kids will have a great time coloring outside!


Try not to let the rainy day get you down!  Try out one of these rainy day activities the next time the rain comes your way!


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things to do in the rain
things to do in the rain
things to do in the rain
things to do in the rain

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