Cozy Coupe Truck & Cars: 20 Models & the Awesome Benefits

Cozy Coupe truck

The Cozy Coupe Truck is the newest in our growing Cozy Coupe collection.  My kids are obsessed.

The original Little Tykes Cozy Coupe is a toy I remember from my childhood. Now, I certainly wasn’t cool enough to have my own. But I loved riding around in them when I was at my neighbor’s house.

Do you remember how it felt like you actually were in one of those cars?  The little roof made you feel like you were enclosed in your own little space?

Well, I actually did forget about that. But it should’ve been no surprise to me how highly engaged my kids would be with this toy!

So much so, that I quickly realized we actually needed one per kid.

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Benefits of the Cozy Coupe Truck & Cars

Imaginative play

The imagination really does go wild with these trucks and cars!  My kids will pretend they are towing with the Cozy Coupe truck. They will make believe they are driving to work, Home Depot or to Target. (Of course, Target!)

Motor Skills

Since the feet are actually the motor, Flintstones-style, they are getting plenty of use!  

Foot and legs muscles are getting strengthened as they are developing in our kids’ growing bodies! Win-win!

Develops Coordination

This may be surprising, but trying to steer the little Cozy Coupe truck and cars is actually a little challenging for toddlers!  Children need to plan which direction they are going to go, and then work their little legs and feet to help get them there, while in a sitting position.  

This skill helps to improve our kids’ overall sense of coordination.

Different Cozy Coupe Models

Now, I didn’t realize that there were so many kinds of Cozy Coupe models out there!  I knew about the Cozy Coupe truck and maybe another type, but never really paid much attention.  

But when I was searching for another Cozy Coupe to add to our collection, I was stunned by all of the options!  

We currently have the original car and the blue truck.  As my youngest grows, we’ll be sure to add another Cozy Coupe model to our yard.

Alternative Ways to Purchase the Cozy Coupe

We actually got our red car as a hand-me-down.  While deciding which car to get as a second, I actually came across the blue Cozy Coupe truck in great shape as a consignment.  

These types of cars, especially the original, are pretty easy to find at yard sales, consignment sales, and Facebook Marketplace.  

I personally find the original car’s retail price to be pretty reasonable. Some of the more unique models of the Cozy Coupe can be more expensive.  They all make excellent gifts for the 1-6 year old in your life!

All of the Cozy Coupes

Below, you will find lots of different models of Cozy Coupe that are available through Amazon!

The Original

30th Anniversary Cozy Coupe

Cozy Coupe Truck

T-Rex Cozy Coupe

Cozy Coupe Dinosaur

Cozy Coupe Off-Roader

Police Car

Police Car with Costume

Fire Truck – Spray and Rescue

Ride & Rescue

Ice Cream Truck

Cozy Coupe Sport

Superstar Cozy Coupe

Fairy Cozy Coupe

Princess Horse & Carriage

Princess Cozy Coupe Truck

Princess Cozy Coupe

Princess Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary

Princess Horse & Carriage – Frosty Blue

Princess Cozy Coupe

Red Gas Pump

Gray Gas Pump


The Cozy Coupe truck and car are currently our favorite backyard toys- for both kids and mama!  Hopefully you find a model that will be just right for your little driver!


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Cozy Coupe truck

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