50 Best Play-Doh Toys (from a Minimalist Mom)

There’s a lot out there, and maybe you’re wondering what are the best Play-Doh toys?

Well, I’m a big fan of Play-Doh, along with the accompanying toys.  Or tools as we call them in our home.

But I’m not a fan of clutter.  I just want the Play-Doh supplies that my kids will actually use!

So I’ve narrowed down the best Play-Doh tools I could find on Amazon.

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I’m going to break this list up into three parts.

The first are the essentials.  It’s the Play-Doh, the hand tools, the shape cutters.

You get the idea.

The second part is all about the fancy gift sets.  If you’re present-hunting, one of these are your ticket.

The last section are the pieces I use to keep Play-Doh neat and organized in my home.

You can read here about how I keep the Play-Doh mess extremely minimal.  

Let’s get started!

The Best Play-Doh Toys: The Essentials

Less is more is definitely something I live by.  I don’t like to have things around that aren’t being used.  

When it comes to Play-Doh, our Play-Doh drawer is mostly filled with Play-Doh cans and smaller hand tools like rollers, shape cutters and knives.  The kids really lean into these and use them the most!  

These are some of our favorite sets that get a ton of use!

The Best Play-Doh Toys: The Gift Sets

There are so many fun Play-Doh sets!

I remember loving my own Pizza Hut set from the 90s. I mean, between that and Book It, I was basically a walking Pizza Hut ad.

Anyhow, there’s Play-Doh specialty sets for every kid out there!

These Play-Doh sets make great gifts!  They are highly engaging and a ton of fun!

Wheels Sets

Kitchen Creations Sets

Builder Sets

Other Play-Doh Sets

The Best Play-Doh Toys: The Organization

I have taught my kids how to play with Play-Doh responsibly, and how to clean it up.

You can read here about how I do that.

I use these items to keep our Play-Doh stash organized, and the house free of bits of Play-Doh.


Having the best Play-Doh toys on hand can engage your kids in high quality play for an extended time…which is a win for us all!


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