7 Benefits of Grocery Shopping Once a Month: Productivity Tips for Busy Moms

grocery shopping once a month

Grocery shopping just once a month is an effective way to save time, money, and energy. It involves planning ahead and creating a strategy to get the most out of each monthly shopping trip.

By stocking up on the items you need and creating a grocery list, you can easily stretch your budget to cover all of your food needs for the month.

This type of grocery shopping can help you save time and money, while ensuring that you always have the ingredients you need for your favorite meals.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of grocery shopping just once a month!

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7 Benefits of Grocery Shopping Just Once a Month

1. Financial Savings

Just about every bill is a monthly bill. It always drove me a little crazy that groceries just really aren’t that way.

So, I decided to change the way I did groceries. I do large grocery orders at my three go-to stores on the same day. I order on the apps, and just pick them right up!

By doing most of our shopping in one go, it helps make budgeting a lot easier! Not to mention that impulse shopping is way down between using the apps and less trips to the store!

2. Time Savings

Doing one big grocery trip a month saves time in many ways! Obviously it’s saving time in the runs to the store. But it also saves time in the planning of the list, and putting away all the groceries!

I don’t know about you, but I love putting all the groceries away in their proper place. Always have!

I love using these containers for my pantry food like pasta, rice, and snacks! Mostly because of how much space they save in the pantry. And they always keep the food fresh!

These containers provide a great way to organize and store food items. Clear food storage containers can help keep your pantry neat and organized and are a great way to make meal prep faster and easier.

3. Reduced Waste

A few days prior to our big shopping trip, I take stock of what food we still have. I try to use up bags of kid snacks that have been opened. I’ll look to use food in the fridge that is to expire soon. If I know I’ll need freezer space, I’ll try and use some of the food from the freezer.

I love Jordan Page’s Shelf Cooking when it comes to this sort of thing! She has so many great ideas about how to use what you already have to create meals!

4. Clean Kitchen

By grocery shopping monthly, this gives me a great opportunity to clean out the fridge and pantry pretty thoroughly.

The day before shopping, I’ll clean out the fridge by tossing any unused leftovers or expired items. Everything gets a good wipe down. By the end of it, the fridge is rather bare, but sparkling clean! It’s ready for it’s fill-up the next day.

I do the same kind of thing in the pantry: I’ll throw out anything that’s expired. I will combine boxes of pasta or snacks into the storage containers to make space for the new food!

5. Improved Meal Planning

I’m by no means a really thorough meal planner. Rather, I tend to make a lot of the same meals throughout the month. So I will usually buy all the same ingredients month to month. By having plenty of what I need on hand, I’m always able to cook whatever it is I’m in the mood for!

However, if I was a little more on the ball, monthly grocery shopping really does lend itself well to monthly meal planning. Sure, it takes more time to plan it out initially. But once you’re in the routine of it, you will most definitely save yourself time in the long run.

6. Easy Shopping

With three very small children, I am a huge fan of grocery pick up! You can read more about that here!

I love that I can order groceries while I’m watching them play in the backyard. I can put them in the car, make all my stops to get the groceries, and be home in very little time…without having to do any extra seatbelting!

By shopping on the store apps, it also makes it one hundred times easier because they have all of your previously purchased items saved. You can often just click to refill the last order, and go from there!

I’m very grateful for modern technologies when it comes to grocery shopping!

7. Shop Once-ish

Like I’ve mentioned, within one morning, I can have all of my groceries for the month bought and put away. Now, of course there are some things that need to be replaced throughout the month. Perishables, forgotten items, etc.

My hack for this is a simple one: Target Drive Up. Throughout the month, anytime I see that I need to replace something, I put it in my cart on my app. Once I’m ready to buy my goods, I put the order through, and it’s ready to go usually in less than two hours!

I try to limit myself to one order a week, when I can, for budgeting purposes.

But I do love how easy it can be to get the groceries I need!

Conclusion: Why Grocery Shopping Just Once a Month is Worth It

Grocery shopping just once a month can be a great way to save time and money. It can also help to reduce food waste by ensuring that all your groceries are used before they go bad.

Additionally, it can help to make your grocery shopping more organized, as you can plan ahead and buy exactly what you need, rather than impulse buying.

All in all, grocery shopping just once a month can be a great way to save money and time, while also reducing food waste and keeping your grocery shopping organized.

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