6 Fast Tips to Get out the Door Quickly with Two under Two

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For a mother of two under two, the distance from the home to the car can seem like miles…even when it’s parked next to the home, or even in the garage.  Getting out of the door quickly with two under two can take quite a bit of time…as you might know.

As a mother of cluster babies I haven’t quite perfected the art of leaving the house.  But I have definitely gotten a lot better at it.

I have put together a list of six tips that can help you get out of the door faster with your two under two.

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Tip #1: Store single stroller, double stroller and wearable baby carrier in the car.

It is most helpful to keep all of these in the car at all times.  No matter where you go, you are prepared.  

You can put both kids in the double. You can wear one while the other walks.  Or you can push just one in the single stroller.  

Here are my recommended strollers, baby carriers and other two under two must haves.

Keeping all of these in the car makes it one less thing to think about.  Because there’s plenty to think about when you’re trying to leave the house with a baby and a toddler. Like remembering your coffee.

Tip #2: Use the car seat bucket.

If you can, use a car seat “bucket” for your baby.  Being able to put the baby in the car seat while you’re in your home is such a convenience.  Especially when you have another one toddling about.

Once that baby is strapped in, you just have to click the bucket into the base in your car.

This is such a help when the weather is bad, too!  No fussing with the baby’s straps in the pouring rain!

Tip #3: Use a diaper pouch for essentials. 

Keep a large pouch with all of the essentials.  Things like diapers, wipes, extra onesies, bibs, extra pacifiers, extra bottle nipple, and some sunscreen can go in it. 

You can just take the pouch along, or toss it in a tote bag or diaper bag.  If you keep this pouch ready to go, then all you have to do is grab it on your way out the door!

Tip #4: Use “to-go” food for snacks. 

Use pre-packaged food and snacks when your toddler is eating on the go.  You can just grab a package of peanut butter crackers or a cereal bar and toss it in your bag.

When I’m really on my game, I make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in a large batch.  If you put them in sandwich baggies, and then all the sandwiches in a gallon bag, they freeze great!  They usually only take about 30 minutes or so to thaw out.  I toss these in our bag when we’re eating lunch somewhere else.

Jordan Page has a great video below about prepping sandwiches!

One of my favorite toddler products are these reusable pouches.   You can fill them with yogurt, applesauce, or even baby food!  My older two will still eat some Gerber veggies if I pour them into a pouch!

They’re much more affordable than the expensive yogurt and applesauce pouches in the store.

I fill a few up at a time, and leave them in the fridge until I get things ready to go.

A thermal pouch like this one is perfect for holding all the toddler food!

Tip #5: Establish an “out the door routine” for feeding baby.

For preparing for the baby’s feedings, come up with an “out the door routine” that works for you.  If you do it the same way every time, you’ll naturally get faster at it.

Here’s a few that I’ve used in the past:


Have a bottle (or two) packed with nipples.  Keep your pump in a tote bag so you can easily bring it with you.  Pumping in the car was my favorite place to pump, because it made me feel so productive.  Using an adapter like this is a game changer!

I would simply unplug the pump and keep the packed bag by the door.  In my pump bag, I always kept the pump, spare membranes, nursing cover, storage bags, hand sanitizer, and a dish towel for clean up.


This obviously takes the least bit of prep.  Just bring a nursing cover and some water and maybe a snack for yourself.


I bring along one prepped bottle, and a second bottle with just water.  I use formula prep canisters and take one with me, so I can make another bottle if needed.

Tip #6: Keep toddler in secure place, and load last. 

This is probably the most important tip.  Get your toddler ready last!  Keeping the kids in secure spots while you’re getting ready is essential!  Chances are that your toddler is on the move and can make quite a mess of things while you’re trying to leave.

And this only adds to your time table…and frustration.  Try to get ready while your toddler is still asleep in the morning, or during nap.  Put as much into the car during this time as you can.  If you need to prep while your toddler is awake, clip her into the high chair, so she’s in one spot.  Give some crayons or toys to her so you can finish what you need to do.


Two under two has certain unique challenges, including trying to get out of the house in a reasonable amount of time.  Try out these tips so you can save yourself some time and some hassle!


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