6 Cheap Things to do with Toddlers on a Rainy Day (That are Fun!)

things to do with toddlers on a rainy day

Finding things to do with toddlers on a rainy day can be tricky!  You want them to get their energy out, but you don’t want to stand out in the rain.  Even if they don’t mind!

I have found that really just going somewhere can be engaging for toddlers!  Throw the stroller and a raincoat in the car, and try out some of these rainy day favorites!

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Pet Store

things to do with toddlers on a rainy day

The pet store is essentially a free zoo.  Especially to toddlers who are fascinated by every little animal.  

You can see everything from fish, kittens, lizards, and turtles to hamsters, snakes and parakeets! 

This provides lots of engaging conversation.  You can talk about what the animal looks like, what it’s doing, what it needs, and answer any of your child’s questions.

It also gives context for when your child sees a pet store animal, such as a chameleon, in a book or show!  They’ll have a better understanding of what the animal is, from this simple experience!

Department Store

I mean, like, old school department store.  Like the kind your grandmother likes to frequent.  

Doing a stroller ride through one of these treasures can be very engaging for your toddler!  You can discuss all the things you see and what they might be used for!

I recently went to one nearby, and realized it was essentially like Amazon, but in an actual store.  Like how things used to be…sigh.

Anyhow, you might find some fun things or even get some ideas for Christmas shopping.  

But more than anything, it gets you and your toddler out of the house on a rainy day, with a change of scenery.

The Mall

Yes…much like the ancient spectacle of department stores, malls still do exist!  

I’m a big fan of going anywhere that I can use the stroller.  I can walk around, and the kids are strapped in, so I don’t have to chase them around.  Give them some snacks, or even their lunch, as you stroll through the mall!

Fast Food Restaurant

Go inside to eat.  Not the drive-thru.  I mean actually go in and eat with your toddler.  

Try to find one that isn’t crowded.  Now, I personally love Chick-Fil-A, but it is constantly crowded.  I don’t necessarily want to deal with a crowd when I’m trying to teach my toddler to eat in a “restaurant.”

I prefer a place like Wendy’s.  It is shocking how few people actually eat inside, from what I have seen!

It’s a nice, calm lunch time.  You can teach your toddler how the process of ordering and waiting for food works.  Toddlers are fascinated by workers, so you can explain the different jobs of the workers.

Most of all, you can enjoy a little lunch out with your favorite toddler!


The library is a great place to go on a rainy day with a toddler!  You can spend time reading books in the library.  After getting home, you can get cozy watching the rain and reading library books!  A win-win.  And definitely a time-filler! 


things to do with toddlers on a rainy day

Because Target is always the answer.  Amiright?  I put my cluster babies in the double stroller and walk the aisles, passing out snacks and sandwiches as we go.

There’s always something to look at, and something that you probably need.

Rainy Day Trifecta 

When thinking of things to do with toddlers on a rainy day, you can select one or several spots to hit!  

When I’m really on my game, I try to do three: pet store, Target, Wendy’s.  We’ll start out at the pet store, wander next door to our Target.  Then I’ll load up the kids, and head to our very fancy lunch.  


The thing I love most about outings like this, is that they really are child-focused.  I’m not trying to stock up on groceries at Target.  I’m actually focusing on the kids and engaging them in conversation about what we’re doing.

Finding great things to do with toddlers on a rainy day can result in true quality time.  It allows for bonding, and for the children to learn more about the world around us.


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things to do with toddlers on a rainy day

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