5 Super Easy Half Birthday Ideas (That Your Kids Will Love!)

half birthday ideas

Need some easy half birthday ideas? Looking to celebrate…but not too much? Let’s dive into five super simple half birthday ideas, that your kids will love!

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Why We Celebrate

I know that celebrating a half birthday isn’t everyone’s thing. It can be silly. But it can also be so fun!

We began celebrating half birthdays when my daughter turned three and half…in the spring of 2020. I was just looking for fun things to mix up the days with the pandemic in full swing.

So, we celebrated! And have ever since!

Keeping it Small

Explaining the idea of a “half birthday” to small children is rather abstract, of course. I remind them that it’s their “small birthday.”

I try to keep the bar really low! I’ll remind them that we don’t put up all the birthday decorations like we do on our big birthdays.

We talk about how we get just a few small gifts. I don’t want them being disappointed when they realize it really is just the tiniest celebration!

So here are the five half birthday ideas we use!

5 Super Easy Half Birthday Ideas!

1. Make a cake!

My kids love to bake! So, we make cake.

Rather than making a regular cake, we just make half!

To do this, you just need to fill one round cake pan with batter. (You can use the extra for cupcakes, or just toss!)

Once the one cake has been baked and cool, slice it in half. Put icing on top of one piece, then layer the two pieces on top of each other like a sandwich.

Then, frost the cake.

I like to have the candles match the age, too! For three and a half, we’ll use three full candles, and a fourth cut in half!

2. Make cards!

In our house, siblings make the cards for each other for half birthdays! We keep it simple!

3. Cut play food!

We love the cut-apart play food from Melissa and Doug! On half birthdays, I pull out all the pieces that can be cut in two. We practice cutting them, and talk about what the word “half” means!

4. Give small gifts!

My go-tos for half birthday gifts are books! I’ll sometimes wrap up a couple books. This past half-birthday, my Irish twins each got a book and two Hot Wheels cars.
Really small, and simple!

5. Have a small celebration!

Our celebrations consist of the family sitting down, around the cake. We sing, they open their small presents, and that’s about it!

Family Time

The real reason I love celebrating half birthdays with my family is because of the family time involved with it. We’re creating memories and traditions! These things are just so important…and so fun!


Using these simple half birthday ideas is a great way to create family traditions, with minimal effort! It’s fun for the kids and builds family memories!

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