5 Genius Ways to Practice Skills for Preschool (Over the Summer!)

skills for preschool

Looking to help your child practice their skills for preschool over the summer? Summer is a great time to work on developing preschool skills! Let’s look at five ways you can help your child to get ready for preschool!

It can be hard to know what your child is expected to do when they get to preschool! Can anyone say intimidating? You might wonder if your child is truly prepared.

Relax. I’m quite sure they are.

Preschool’s primary purpose is to give children the opportunity to socialize with other children. It lets them learn to play with other kids and work through problems that may arise as they play.

The academics are of course part of the program. However, preschools generally have a gentle approach to the academics.

Having some background in skills for preschool such as numbers, letters, cutting, among other things can benefit your child when they attend. They certainly aren’t expected to know it all. But if your child knows some letters and numbers, it will only help your child.

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That’s why I developed this Summer Preschool Bundle!

skills for preschool

It gives your child exposure to some of the basics. If you feel lost in the world of preschool, it also gives you an idea of what your child can be working on.

There are five primary skills that the bundle focuses on. Let’s break them down!

5 Skills for Preschool Prep

1. Cutting Practice

Using scissors really can feel very difficult for our little ones! And it can be frustrating to teach them, too! But imagine trying to use scissors with giant oven mitts on. That’s a little how it feels for our newbie scissor users!

Giving your child a chance to try these things out at home is a great idea! They can begin to get familiar with using them.

A great way to get started is by giving your child a strip of thin cardboard. You can even just cut it out from a cereal box. Let your child practice snipping little pieces off the cardboard strip. The thickness of the paper actually makes it easier for them to cut!

The Summer Preschool Bundle includes four pages of cutting practice! Your child can practice cutting across thick lines on fun summer-themed pages! These are great to print on cardstock, if you can! They can also practice cutting and pasting on the sorting pages!

2. Letter Practice

You’re giving your child a huge advantage in preschool if he or she knows some of their letters heading into preschool!

One of the best ways to get started with this is their name! Kids LOVE learning about their name!

Here’s a simple name activity. Go grab some sticky notes and a marker. Ready?

On each sticky note, write one letter from your child’s name. With your child, say each letter and move it down a little on the table. Practice this a few times.


When your child is ready for it, mix up the letters. Let your child try and spell out the name correctly, while saying the letter names. (Don’t worry if this takes a few sessions to really get it down!)

You can also hide those sticky notes around the room. Have your child go and find each letter to make their name!

For a bit more letter practice, your child can match up letters with beach and camping images that match the letters in the Summer Preschool Bundle!

3. Number Practice

Are your kids obsessed with numbers like mine currently are? We’re counting EVERYTHING these days!

If not, no worries! Number practice can be so fun for them because there’s literally numbers and things to count everywhere.

Things we’re currently counting on the regular: plates left in the dishwasher, crackers on our plate, the number of feet in our house, and just about anything in picture books!

Your child will love doing the color by number and number matching included in the Summer Preschool Bundle! The pictures are so fun and engaging!

4. Hand-Eye Coordination

Now this takes practice. (Anyone else constantly cleaning up spills?!)

I honestly believe the best way to foster hand-eye coordination is simply through good old-fashioned play. Kids work so hard through play. They are constantly manipulating things. Picking things up and moving them around.

Working through puzzles, pretend tools, dressing a baby doll, setting up a tea party, building a block tower. All of these things require intense focus and working their hand-eye coordination.

Another great way to help your child develop in this area is through any kind of artwork. Simply using crayons and pencils will do the trick! Have an art lover in your home? Paint and markers are great, too!

We love using dot paint in our home. It’s relatively mess-free (especially compared to actual paint!) and very easy to just pull out when it’s time.

Kids can use the dot paint freehand or with dot paint pages.

The Summer Preschool Bundle includes ten dot paint pages! They have circles for a child to stamp the dot paint right on. It develops their hand-eye coordination because it gives them specific targets to aim for!

Your child is going to love the fun summertime dot pages!

Here’s the dot markers we love best!

5. Read!

Okay…so this isn’t exactly a preschool skill in the sense that your child should be reading. No way.

I mean this in that your child will GREATLY benefit from you regularly reading to them. Every single day.

As a kindergarten teacher, this was always my advice to parents. Struggling kids? Read to them. Not sure what to work on with them? Read to them.

The research is strong on this. Research has found that children who were read to daily by their parents have heard 290,000 more words than their counterparts! And that number can easily increase, depending on the quantity of books.

If you want to help your child succeed, please please please, just read to them regularly. They will love having the special time with you! And you’ll be so thankful later on that you did!


Grab this Summer Preschool Bundle to help your child get started on their skills for preschool! They’ll have so much fun working through it! (And you can print it out as often as you’d like!)

skills for preschool

And remember to read with your sweet child!

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