5 Genius Last Minute Tooth Fairy Ideas (That All Moms Can Pull Off)

last minute tooth fairy ideas

Are you in need of last minute tooth fairy ideas?

Maybe your child’s tooth just fell out and you realized that you have to play tooth fairy. Like, right now. I got you.

Here are five last minute tooth fairy ideas that you can use to deliver the magic to your child, instantly!

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For the Record

Full disclosure: I don’t lie to my kids, so the whole idea of the Tooth Fairy, Santa, etc. is very strange for me to explain to them.

And I grew up with it all, believing and loving all of it.

When my three year old lost her first tooth (long story), she was more worried about a fairy coming into her room than she was of losing a tooth!

This obviously made me second guess getting into the Tooth Fairy. She wanted to keep her tooth, and she did not want a fairy in her room. Fair.

I went with it anyway.  Why? Partly tradition.  Partly because it can be so special to add some magic to their childhood.

Will I come to regret lying about it?  I don’t think so, but it still feels strange.  

Anyone else with me?

So if I was going to add some magic, I was going to do it right.

Side note: I sincerely believe that we don’t need to spend much money, and often any at all, to create special experiences for our children.

You can totally pull off these magical last minute tooth fairy ideas for basically free.

Last Minute Tooth Fairy Ideas

last minute tooth fairy ideas

1. Tooth Fairy Door Hanger Pillow

Is there nothing scarier than going into a sleeping child’s room?  

I’m not sure who invented the Tooth Fairy, but the idea of going into my kid’s room and digging under their pillow sounds terrifying!

I went with a pillow that can hang on the outside of the bedroom door. 

Which ended up being a good call because my little one was very concerned about a fairy coming into her room at night!

This takes all the pressure off!

You can purchase some adorable tooth fairy pillows.  I’ve included them below.

Or if you’re like me, and need this immediately, you can make one REALLY easily.

I literally made it out of felt and ribbon I had on hand, hot glue and old (clean!) socks.

last minute tooth fairy ideas

If you’re in a pinch and want an adorable tooth fairy pillow, you could always make one that’s temporary, and then order one to use for the following teeth!

How to Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow (No-Sew)

  • Hot glue gun
  • Any fabric (fabric, felt, or even an old shirt)
  • Filling (Poly-fill, or just old socks or something similar)
  • Ribbon
  • Cut out two identical rectangles.
  • Outline one rectangle in hot glue on three sides. 
  • Lay the other rectangle on top of the rectangle with glue.
  • Once the glue is cooled, turn the fabric inside-out, creating the shell of the pillow.
  • Stuff the pillow with whatever filling you have.
  • Hot glue the ribbon to the opening of the pillow.
  • Once the glue from the ribbon is cooled, seal the pillow with hot glue.
  • Cut out a heart from your remaining fabric.
  • Hot glue the heart to the front of the pillow, leaving an opening at the top of the heart.  
  • This will create a pocket for the tooth and money.
  • You’re done!

2. Pay a Dollar for the Tooth

Money is still a new concept for our small children, losing their teeth.  By paying a dollar per tooth, your child can make an easy swap for a toy at the dollar store.

You can avoid conversations about not having enough money, and change, etc.  

Another option could be to pay in quarters, and your child can learn to save to go to the dollar store.

If you’re really on your game, stash away enough cash for all of the teeth.  Next time a tooth is lost, you don’t have to worry about having the right cash on hand!

3. Read Tooth Fairy Books

Whenever we’re encountering a new experience, I try to find books to help teach about that topic.

Here are some stellar tooth fairy books to help your child learn about losing teeth and the tooth fairy!

They definitely helped my daughter to understand the concept of the Tooth Fairy.

I’ll be storing our Tooth Fairy books with the pillow. I’ll pull them out for bedtime on lost tooth nights as a little tradition.

4. Tooth Fairy Note

By writing a note from the tooth fairy, you are creating the magic of childhood for your child.

I don’t know that I’ll be writing a note every time, but the first lost tooth is a big deal, so we got a note!

You can write it in tiny print, since the fairy is so tiny.  You can add a little glitter to add to the magic!

last minute tooth fairy ideas

If DIY isn’t your thing, these adorable Tooth Fairy notes come personalized with your child’s name on it! There’s enough notes to last through all of the teeth!

5. Money Origami

You can add some flare to this tooth-money exchange by folding the dollar bill into different shapes!

I had remembered that my dad used to fold dollars into rings.  How he did that without the internet is beyond me!

Anyhow, I thought my daughter would like that.

You can follow this tutorial to learn how.

There’s money origami for many different shapes!  I might try out the heart next time around.

The Whole Package

So for our first lost tooth experience, the tooth was traded for a dollar ring, that I put around a toy toothbrush that we have, and added the note from the Tooth Fairy.

And the next morning, when we checked the Tooth Fairy pillow, it was just the right amount of magic!

last minute tooth fairy ideas


Hopefully some of these last minute tooth fairy ideas help you out in your time of need!

…only 19 more teeth to go…


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last minute tooth fairy ideas

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