2 Under 2 Must Haves: The Things Babies and Toddlers Actually Need

2 under 2 must haves

2 under 2 must haves is a rather unique category.  I mean, you’re probably pregnant while taking care of your little baby that is quite possibly growing into a toddler.  

Everyone’s trying to tell you everything you’re going to need for a second baby, right? 

But when you’re going to have two under two, three under three, or other cluster babies, just it’s a little different.  

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Cluster Babies

Cluster babies (kluhs-ter bey-bee)  noun – Siblings born within two years of each other. Synonyms: Irish twins, baby bunching, two under two, three under three, three under four, four under four, etc.

As mothers of cluster babies, we are really in a unique spot.  Young children are constantly growing, developing, and needing different things.

They are in a perpetual state of transitioning. Maybe someone’s transitioning from bottles to cups, or pacifier to no pacifier. Maybe someone’s being sleep trained or potty trained.

I remember being pregnant with my third, and realizing how many things we needed for the kids.  And really for the older ones, more than the baby. 

My oldest was 2.5 at the time and was getting ready to transition to a bed, and potty train.  My younger one was getting to be a year old, and was eating more solid food and starting to think about walking. 

And then, of course, the baby was coming soon. 

I felt like I had a laundry list of things we needed for all of the kids to support their transitions.

So this, is essentially that laundry list.

How I Buy for My Kids

When I buy anything for my kids, there are a few things I do.  I buy things in the same gender neutral color almost all of the time. 

This cuts down on arguing for the green fork over the blue one.  It simplifies laundry when the gray sheets can go on any bed or crib.

However, I’ll also sometimes buy things in distinct colors or patterns specifically for the different kids.  For example, the kids have different designs on their water bottle. 

They always get their own water bottle

We use these snack cups all the time.  I actually put their lunches in it when we eat outside

My daughter always gets the blue one and my son always gets the green.  Again, keeping things like this consistent, reduces the complaints.

The Baby (and Toddler) Registry

Some people feel funny having a baby registry for a second baby, which is totally understandable. 

I created my Amazon Baby Registry for my second and third, mostly for myself.  Like I said, there were a number of things that we needed, and I didn’t want my preggo brain to forget anything.

We weren’t planning to have a sprinkle.  Rather, just pick away at the items throughout the pregnancy ourselves. 

I was able to send the link to grandparents and close friends who asked for it, which was really helpful.

You can create your Amazon Baby Registry by clicking here.  You can add any items below right to your registry or cart.

2 under 2 must haves

If you’re not yet a Prime member, I would highly recommend it!  A Prime membership is literally a 2 under 2 must have.

As a mom of three tiny kids in car seats, it is so much easier to order something through Prime and have it delivered to my home, rather than shuffling all the kids into the car seats, and then the stroller…you get the picture. 

You can try out the 30-Day free trial right here.

The Double Stroller

I’m obsessed with our Contours Elite Double Stroller

You can have the kids sitting just about any which way, including the car seat carrier.

It’s really easy to switch how they’re sitting.  They can be facing you, facing each other, sitting forward, and more.

We bought the Britax adapters, so our Britax carrier fits into the stroller as easy as it does on the single Britax stroller.

There’s also adapters for Graco and Chicco car seat carriers. 

You can read here about why I drive around with the double stroller, single stroller, and wearable baby carrier all the time.  (Hint: It makes life easier.)

Anyhow, LOVE our stroller. I can’t recommend it enough.

Items for Kids’ Bedrooms

Maybe we’re a little particular, but we like to keep things the same between the kids rooms as much as we can. 

The baby monitor cameras are great.  They’re extremely affordable. 

You can see up to four rooms at a time right on your phone.  It has night vision, and a microphone so you can talk to your children through it. 

We’ve had them for over a year now, and are still very happy with them!

We love the sound machine that we selected.  The sound feature is used in all three bedrooms every night. 

We bought it because of the feature called “okay to wake.”  Using colored lights, you can teach your children when it is okay to get out of bed in the morning, and when they should be in bed or sleeping.

I haven’t needed that feature quite yet, but I do use the nap timer.  It lights up purple when I turn it on for my daughter’s nap.  She knows she should be quiet and laying down during this time. 

After 30 minutes (or whatever length of time you select), it turns green and she’s allowed to be up out of bed. 

I describe it more in depth here, along with other ways I’ve been able to keep her napping.

When my second was born, my first stayed in her crib (at 20 months old).  We were lucky enough to borrow a crib (that we’re still using) from a friend. 

However, when my third was born, we transitioned our oldest (at 2.5 years) to her adorable toddler bed, and our one year old remained in the borrowed crib. 

Like I said…a lot of transitions going on.

Items for Bath

You’re definitely going to need some extra towels and washcloths.  Here’s some of my favorites for bathtime.

Items for Baby

You basically just need diapers, wipes, and some clothes if your baby is a different gender. 

Here’s some things we use, along with my very favorite baby swaddle.

Items for Feeding Baby

You can read here about my ventures in formula feeding vs breast feeding, and what I find to be best. (Spoiler alert: it’s whatever is best for you and your baby.)  

Anyhow, I used the same Medela bottles with all three of mine, through pumping and formula.  I just replace the nipples with each baby.

I never bothered trying out different bottles, because these were simple and worked for all of the babies.

These were my favorite breast milk storage bags.

If you’re planning to nurse, remember that insurance will cover a new pump with each baby. 

This can be so helpful if you’re planning to pump at work!  Keep one at home, and one at work!


Items for Feeding Toddlers

Transitioning from nursing and bottles to baby food to real food is a big deal for your toddler!  Here are some things we use for mealtime. 

I actually get my kid plates and cups from Target, because you can’t beat the price.

You can easily mix and match colors…or get ten of the same, if you’re like me!

I’m always sure to buy what I’ll need when all three are eating real food…so that I have enough…and so everything matches!

Items for the Diaper Bag

LOL.  The diaper bag these days is usually a large tote bag with our diaper pouch, snack pouch, and a baby bottle thrown in. 

But I will sometimes still use my diaper bag. 

I still think it’s so cute.  It does fit really well over the bar of the strollers, so I do grab it if I’m going to be pushing a stroller.

My #1 Must Have

I truly believe all moms of toddlers need this final product: The Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum.

I’ve had it for about a year now, and it has been a game changer! I use it several times a day, every single day.

It will suck up all the goldfish, Cheerios, and Play-doh. I use it to clean out the high-chairs, to pick up dropped food.

I literally vacuum the table with it.

Rather than sweeping into a dust pan, I just vacuum it up.

I use the duster attachment to quickly get dog-hair off the baseboards. The duster attachment is also perfect for getting that dust that gathers between the bars of the crib.

It’s great for the car, as well!

I know it seems like a silly thing to put on a registry. But I can guarantee that you will get solid use out of it!

2 Under 2 Must Haves

And there you have it: 2 under 2 must haves. This should be everything you need for your growing toddlers and your sweet little baby.


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2 under 2 must haves

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